WorldBase 521 Layout
Positions Start-End Length * ** Field Name Field Description
0001-0002 2 N Z Filler Reserved for future use
0003-0011 9 N Z DUNS Number A randomly generated nine digit number assigned by D&B to identify unique business establishments
0012-0101 90 A C Business Name The primary name of the business
0102-0191 90 A C Secondary Name The trade style or secondary name, if used by the company.
0192-0223 32 A C Street Address This is the physical location of the establishment. Generally in local language.
0224-0253 30 A C City Name Name of the city where the business is located. Generally in local language.
0254-0283 30 A C State/Province Name The name of the state/province where the business is located. Generally in local language.
0284-0303 20 A C Country Name Name of the country in English where the business is located.
0304-0312 9 A C Postal Code for Street Address Postal or zip code for the physical location.
0313-0316 4 A C Country Telephone Access Code Dialing code used to access the country phone system, from outside the country. Can be 1 to 4 digits.
0317-0332 16 A C Telephone Number Telephone number for the business. In the U.S., these are direct dialing telephone numbers with area code and no punctuation. In other countries, the number is provided as entered in the local database, which may include punctuation. Different countries may have differing length telephone numbers which may or may not include the area code, country or city access code. No edits are performed.
0333-0392 60 A C Chief Executive Officer Name The highest authority at this location.
0393-0452 60 A C Chief Executive Officer Title The title (in English) of the highest authority at this location. May be abbreviated.
0453-0493 41 A C Line of Business Narrative description in English of the operations or activities of the business. Relates to the four digit primary SIC code which is the 1987 U.S. government code.
0494-0497 4 A C U.S. 1987 SIC 1 The 1987 standard industrial classification code system categorizes business establishments based upon the type of activity done by that establishment at that location. A business can have up to six SIC codes. The first SIC code represents the primary function of the business. After that, SIC codes are assigned in descending order according to the percentage of the revenue contributed by each function of the business (see below). The SIC code of a parent/ultimate may include the activities of its subsidiaries. All input is converted as closely as possible to the U.S. four-digit 1987 standard.
0498-0501 4 A C U.S. 1987 SIC 2 The secondary SIC code of the business in the U.S. 1987 format.
0502-0505 4 A C U.S. 1987 SIC 3 The third SIC code of the business in the U.S. 1987 format.
0506-0521 16 A C User Area The user may place a defined value here. Typical uses are for key codes, dealer codes and/or special information requested by the user. If not requested, this field will be blank.